How can I listen to 808 Da Beat?

808 Da Beat is an online radio station that broadcasts 24 hours 7 days a week.  This station is not currently available to listen to on traditional radio station channels.  808 Da Beat can be streamed online with most devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers and through the Live365 app.


How do I download the Live365 app?

Go to your mobile device app store and search for "Live365" and download.  The Live365 app is free to download and free to stream from you device. Although it's free to listen, since 808 Da Beat is broadcast from a streaming platform the stream will count against your data plan usage for both mobile streaming on your mobile carrier or your home internet data through your home internet provider.


Where is 808 Da Beat from?

808 Da Beat is located in Sacramento, CA.


Does 808 Da Beat play commercials?

We currently do not play commercials on 808 Da Beat.  Due to all of the fees behind operating an online radio station, we run sponsorship spots from local small business to help keep the radio station commercial free.


Why do I hear event promotions on 808 Da Beat?

Since 808 Da Beat is part of the MNLND Hawaii Network, we run event promotions from MNLND Hawaii and Pau Hana Events (also part of the MNLND Hawaii Network) to tell our listeners where we will be on specific dates and times for events.


Do artists get paid royalties for playing their music on 808 Da Beat?

All music and artists that play on 808 Da Beat are distributed royalties by Live365.  As long as the artist and their music is registered to the music reporting agencies artists will receive royalties for being played on 808 Da Beat.


I'm an island musical artist. How do I get my music played on 808 Da Beat?

We are always looking for new music from both established popular artists to new artists looking for an outlet for their music.  Want to submit your music to 808 Da Beat? Go to our contact page and schedule a music meeting to get started.


I don't live in the US, how do I stream 808 Da Beat internationally?

Currently, 808 Da Beat is able to stream throughout the entire United States, Canada and various other countries.  We are not available to stream everywhere due to music licensing.  If you try to stream 808 Da Beat in a restricted streaming area or country, you will not be able to listen to the stream.